Games in the Winter

“Board Games are boring …Let them rot on the shelf…”

-Vic Chestnutt

Now, I love love Vic Chestnutt (and that is a clever lyric) but, he  is dead wrong! You see, I have to admit to a big game fetish. The fetish comes about in the winter. Even now that I live in Arizona and this is the time of year to be be outdoors I find myself wanting to be holed up playing a game.  To work up some fantastic strategy!

You know I think I have kind of regressed. Because, it used to be all about video games for me. I would call in sick to work to play my newest obsessions. But, now I back to loving board games. I’ve gone low tech.  Last year I was really into Carcasonne. Me and my friend bought all the extensions. We would play for hours and trust me the battles were heated! But, you know what I am? I’m a fickle game lover because, this year I am craving something new. There is just something about a new game with it’s shiny new artwork. It’s time to go game shopping!


One Response to “Games in the Winter”

  1. Tim Says:

    Board games are great.

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